Workshops and Lectures

lectureSpread the word of health and wellness in your workplace. I offer lectures, seminars, lunch and learns, workshops group programs and corporate nutritional counseling.

Workshops, Seminars, Lectures & Wellness Programming for:
Schools and Universities
Non-profit Organizations
Yoga Studios
Spas & Wellness Centers


Topics Include:
Sugar Blues
The power of the acid/alkaline balance
Natural weight loss
Top ways to detox naturally
Incorporating a plant based diet
Ayurvedic seasonal detox
Get through the holidays in a healthy way
Boosting the immune system
Health and wellness for the busy person
Eating for increased mental production
Yoga and wellness on your lunch break
Grocery Store Tour
Pantry Makeover
Decrease inflammation naturally

Workshops, Seminars and Lecture pricing varies depending on group size and company needs. Please email for more details.